Dr.-Ing. Helmut Köster, *1947


Diploma in architecture at the Technical University Brunswick (Braunschweig) with Prof. Kraemer

Establishment of the freelance office in Frankfurt/Main

Foundation of the Scientific Center Daylight Technique (WiTag)

Thesis "Development of Daylight Technology based on Reflective Systems in Consideration of Visual and Thermal Comfort" with Prof. Lehmann, TU Karlsruhe, and Prof. Kaase, TU Berlin.

Advisory council member to the symposia "Innovative Lighting Technology", Banz
Member of the Guideline Board at VDI (Union of German Engineers) "Improved Daylight Utilisation"
Author of the book "Dynamik Daylighting Architecture", Birkhäuser Verlag
Brigitte Köster, Dipl.-Biol., Lighting Designer (E.L.D.A), Environmental Technology
Sarah Altmeyer, Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Architecture
Office Sofia, Bulgaria:
Kiril Velkowsky, Dipl.-Physics, Computer Science